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Safety Schemes In Procurement (SSIP)

SSIP acts as an “umbrella organisation” to facilitate mutually recognised Health & Safety (H&S) pre-qualification schemes, wherever practicable to do so.

CHAS are a founder member of the Safety Schemes In Procurement (SSIP).  For more information about SSIP please visit

CHAS (Contractors Health And Safety assessment scheme)

The CHAS scheme is a first stage pre-qualification scheme that allows contractors to demonstrate to potential clients that they meet H&S standards.

CHAS accreditation helps to reduce unnecessary duplication and repeated applications to suppliers and contractors who require a contractor wishing to work for/with them to be SSIP accredited.  e.g. Local Authorities, Principal Contractors, Universities, etc.

If you require / or are interested in CHAS accreditation, or any other SSIP accreditation, we can help!

While we do not guarantee a pass, we are confident that with your co-operation and commitment we will get you CHAS accredited.  To-date we have a 100% client pass rate.

Why are we so confident?

As a committment to our own continuous H&S performance, Thomas Safety Services Ltd has undergone an independent SSIP consultancy assessment with the SMAS scheme and have become a ‘worksafe consultancy’ and are CHAS accredited too.

Our Managing Director has in-depth knowledge of the SSIP processes, is a registered SSIP auditor and maintains a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) record.

How do I become CHAS Accredited?

If you wish to do so, you can make the application yourself using the CHAS E-Form system (* See below).  The process can be lengthy and if your H&S management system is not robust, it is unlikely that you will meet the requirements of the CHAS Standards.

Naturally we cannot compete on price with the remote providers and those who will offer you a ‘generic pack’, because our work is bespoke to your particular circumstances.  If you are thinking about hiring a consultant who will give you a guaranteed to pass a CHAS assessments, think again, because there is no such thing as a ‘guaranteed pass’!

We carry out a full review of you H&S management system and guarantee a very high standard of work.

* To start your CHAS E-Form application online, please click here.  (Note: If you are unable to complete the application online, you will need to contact the CHAS customer services team on 020 8545 3838.)

CHAS Accreditation Status

Like the majority of other H&S pre-qualification schemes, CHAS moved to an annual assessment cycle in 2012.  Therefore, if you have previously been CHAS assessed, but not within the last 12 months, your CHAS status is no longer valid and has expired.  Registered CHAS Buyers can check your status and this could affect your opportunities to be offered work/tender for work.

For any further information about the CHAS scheme, please visit

For assistance please Contact Us


It was extremely refreshing to see how thorough the assessment and audit process was of our renewal with David Thomas of Thomas Safety Services Ltd. On so many occasions in the construction industry you are asked to supply proof of evidence for Accreditations, Tender Bid submissions and PQQs. It is nice to have constructive feedback to find out that someone has actually taken the time to read what we have spent time writing but more importantly to supply us with information on how we can improve as a business. James Speller – Speller Metcalfe Ltd

    Thank you for your advice and for highlighting the ommisions in our procedures and policies.  Your examination of documentation was very thorough and has enabled us to bring everything up to date so we can go forward on a much firmer footing.  I will bring the areas you have identified as needing further consideration to the attention of the MD and other appropriate staff so that we can continue to improve these aspects.  Ann Goodwin – Premier Engineering (Yorkshire) Ltd

    We have had accreditation since 2011 and as a widely recognised standard it is an essential tool for our Company. This year our assessor was Dave Thomas of Thomas Safety Services. His advice and recommendations during the assessment period was supportive and very helpful and ensured that we not only achieved our accreditation again this year, but we were also able to improve existing working practices in line with legislation. As a Company we would highly recommend the accreditation process. Jane Kaula – Octagon Shopfitting & Building Services Ltd

    I thank you for your professional attitude throughout our application. You raised relevant points that required addressing, but in doing so, kindly pointed us in the direction to resolve the matters. In the spirit of the accreditation process and the continual progressive standard it sets out clearly within its mandate, for aspiring and current applicants, you have in my opinion, managed to discern the requirements for compliance and raise the bar by your insistence and perseverance in pursuit of excellence, which makes not only company management think, but also fellow H & S chartered professionals. John Capewell – Limmer Roofing Ltd.

    An extremely helpful and personable assessor made our application far more straightforward than I first thought it would be. The important improvements and changes to our systems that were implemented throughout the application process have given us confidence in our H&S structure and most certainly accreditation is now an important asset recognised by our customers. Accreditation gives you a powerful tool when competing for new business and especially with new customers and also saves time on completing H&S forms. Sharon Jepp – St George Facilities Ltd.

    Having had the accreditation process dropped on me at short notice, due to the abrupt retirement of our Health and Safety Advisor, even the thought of it filled me with horror. Having never done this before, I didn’t even know if I was putting together the correct documentation. I found you to be both helpful and sympathetic to my situation and I would like to thank you sincerely for both the assistance and the patience that you extended to me throughout this process. Julie Couchman – Four Seasons Air Conditioning Supplies Ltd.

    Firstly I would like to say a big Thank You to our assessors – Thomas Safety Services especially to Dave Thomas who was ace from the very beginning of our application to the end Compliant. He was excellent guiding us through and being totally understanding, e-mail questions and queries were answered by return and even a phone call. Being accredited makes us take a wide and more professional approach to our health and safety which can only be a good thing. Well done!  Sharon McIvorDean – A R Mitchell (Plasterers) Ltd.

    Your comments have helped Select Electrical (GB) Ltd improve their H&S systems and ultimately achieve accreditation. Thank you for your speedy responses and helpful comments. Keith Slack – Select Electrical (GB) Ltd.

    The whole process prior to starting the application seemed very daunting & we imagined being overrun with paperwork. However, our assessor was very helpful & constructive with his guidance. He made the entire process straight forward & showed a level of patience that can only be termed as an asset. If anyone is in two minds as to whether to apply or not, the process is straight forward and manageable. If you have any problems your assessor is there to help. I highly commend the entire team for their level of competence & support. David Brough – Sunshade Services Ltd.

    Professional, always available and happy to provide sound knowledge and advice.  Matthew Wilkinson – Ford Bros Services Ltd

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