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If you are the person in overall control of your business, overall and final responsibility for Health and Safety rest with you.  However, you cannot achieve a safe and healthy working environment on your own, because it has to be a team effort.

You need to:

  • Appoint a Competent Person.
  • Prepare a Health and Safety Policy.
  • Conduct relevant Risk Assessments.
    • You must assess all foreseeable risks.
    • Written safe systems of work required where hazards cannot be eliminated and some risk still exists!
  • Consult with your workforce (employees and, where appointed, their safety representatives).
    • Provide information, instruction, training and supervision.
    • Display the HSE approved law poster, or provide each of your workers with the equivalent leaflet.
  • Provide workplace facilities.
    • Toilets, hand wash basins, and other facilities workers need such as a rest room.
  • Provide first aid facilities.
    • First aid kit, eyewash station, first aiders, first aid signs/posters.
  • Report accidents and illness.
    • You must report certain injuries, near misses, work related illnesses and dangerous occurrences to the HSE.
  • Get proper health and safety co-ordination going with other businesses with which you come into contact.  e.g. Clients, customers, suppliers, contractors.
  • Build ownership and commitment to health and safety throughout your workforce.
  • Etc.

Don’t Delay – Get Started Today!

You need to remember that besides protecting people and the environment, action on health and safety can also make a major contribution to business success.  Not only will it help stop accidents and work related ill health among your employees, but it will reduce your accident losses, improve your profit and loss statement, improve your reputation and help you become more efficient.

Build health and safety in from the start and develop a good safety culture within your business.

  • Don’t think accidents and occupational ill-health can’t happen in your company.
  • Don’t wait for things to go wrong and then go for the ‘quick fix’.

Make time and get started today by contacting us now to arrange your competent advice!

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